Michael Dowling Award

April 22, 2008 - Leave a Response

I hope everyone takes the time to submit the names of those who you think our would like to see receive the “Michael Dowling Award.”  As the recipient of this award last year I have to say that I was taken aback by the award and the thought that my peers would see me as deserving.  I knew Michael Dowling for about six years; first as a resident and later as a co-worker.  I never met a more tireless and self-sacrificing individual either in or out of recovery.  He was the embodiment of what I consider a living Big Book.  As you make your nominations I hope you give it some thought and nominate those individuals who represent the ideals and principles of our program in their daily life. 

Alumni planning meeting

March 30, 2008 - Leave a Response

Just yesterday we had a productive planning meeting with some of the members of the Alumni Association, independent living men and a couple of primary program men.  It was a long day for everyone but the enthusiam and the ideas kept coming.   The results will be posted on the website and made available by email to all alumni.   We will also post it on the bulletin board in the Beacon House.  This was only the beginning.   The real work comes in putting some of these ideas in to action and making them come true.  I want to thank everyone who contributed through the survey and through your emails.   Hope to see you at the next Alumni meeting on Wednesday, April 2nd at 7PM in the Proper House. 

Hello world!

March 30, 2008 - 3 Responses

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